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New Products

Aromat now offers the main products for polymerization of resins, intermediates and various chemical synthesis.

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Uv Paints

We offer matting additives, film resistance additives, pigments and rheological modifiers.

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Powder Coatings

Anti-gas additives, superficial resistance additives, texturized effects, pigments and others, check our solutions.

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Industrial Paints

With pigments, waxes, rheological agents and other products, Aromat meets the need for raw materials for the industrial paint market.

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Automotive Paint

Several colorants, inorganic pigments and other inputs are offered for the best products in the automotive paints segment.

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Printing Inks

In order to better comply with the graphic paints market, Aromat offers varied high quality products.

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Wood Coatings

Water beading additives, matting agents, pigments, special solvents. Check our solution for wood Coatings Market.

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Several products destined to civil construction are offered by Aromat, always prioritizing high quality.

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We offer organic and inorganic pigments, besides special solvents for this segment.

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Decorative Paints

We offer several dispersants, Surfactants, Rheological Modifiers, anti-stain, surface additives, resistance improvement additives, solvents, low-odor and sustainable coalescents.

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For the plastics industry, Aromat offers various organic pigments, titanium dioxide and other raw materials.

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Several polyalcohol compounds are offered by Aromat as feedstock for the resin industry.

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